Stefano Mortari

Stefano Mortari is the quintessence of quality and sophisticated italian style. It’s main identity is the constant search of the modern, elegant, feminine and innovative, as well as the strict selection of fibers and fabrics. It is already represented in the best stores of Italy, Europe, USA, Korea and Japan. The strength of the brand is the balance between the style, quality and price, adding value as for the seller as well as for the customer. During more than 20 years from his atelier Stefano Mortari has worked for the famous italian and international brands (Hermes, Yoji Yamamoto, Marni, etc.) and had an exhibition in the Museum of Milan in the Palazzo Mornado de Montenapoleone.


Smarteez is a brilliant collection, completely Made in Italy, where colors and volumes are combined to create new silhouettes, mixing sportswear and formal wear with a glitch attitude through the use of graphic patterns and a taste for sparkling palette: a contemporary look which aligns elements of casual wear and chic wear in transversal harmonic combinations.

Laurence Decade

Luxury shoes collection of the latest trends, created by the designer of the shoes line of Chanel, represented in the best multi brand and department stores all over the world, counting with a great number of fans of her fabulous style.

CECILIE copenhagen

“We are young and on our own. Guided by intuition and will, we take great pride in our independence and enjoy the freedom we have been given, by not following rules or standards. Our team holds distinct dynamic personalities and a high level of experimentation. Copenhagen is our base, but we reach out globally. For inspiration, for new ideas and cultures, CECILIE Copenhagen has no other home, than the entire world”.

OH! by Kopenhagenfur

All products from Oh! By Kopenhagen Fur are designed and developed in Copenhagen, Denmark, exclusively from fur bought from Kopenhagenfur, the world’s largest fur auction house. They believe that high level of craftsmanship and quality combined with innovative designs and techniques, is what makes our product stand out. The styles of the brand are simple and classic but with a fun twist.


INDRESS was born from a simple and precise desire: to create unique garments of exquisite quality. Since 2005, the brand has offered a complete collection of simple yet refined and distinguished garments that are surprisingly elegant. These are further enhanced by impeccable finishes that are available in a wide range of colors.

Maria Black


Maria Black is the expression of passion for precious metals with a fashion-forward approach to conceptual jewellery design. The signature concept is the creation of interchangeable pieces that can be mixed and matched through collections, allowing a synergetic versatility in the individual expression.

Paola Q

Paola Quintana is a Colombian jewelry designer based in Barcelona. True to her own roots, the pieces of Paola Q reflect the taste and colours of Colombia, and each piece is elaborated by hand. Nowadays, Paola Q collections are successful in several countries of Europe and America due to their design, originality and excellent quality.

La Couverture

An Italian collection of blankets converted into capes, based on unstructured tailoring with contemporary volume and details. The designer comes from Marithe Francois Girbaud and is know for her lawbreaking style, that is reflected both in her interpretation of this classic product and in the manner of it’s presentation, which has helped her to gain so many fans in White Milan and Tranoi.


— Because difference is the most important element to seduction and the endeavour to please everyone is a sign of immaturity.

— Scarlett bcn is a fashion sales and consulting agency for intelligent, tasteful, strong identity fashion brands.



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TRANOI – Indress, Stefano Mortari, OH! by Kopenhagenfur



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WHITE – Stefano Mortari, Smarteez, OH! by Kopenhagenfur

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What else


— The world of retail the past 10 years has changed as drastically as never before.

The physical store, and especially the multi-brand store has to make an extra effort to stay in the context, and to go an extra mile to get the new clients.

Therefore we understand that it is vital for the store to create it’s own visual and inspiring world and to have it’s own channel of on-line communication with client, showing it’s unique style and support the sale of it’s products.

Instagram is not more a spontaneous personal social network, it’s your 24/7 online window, your image and your best selling platform.

“The eye has to travel” — Diana Vreeland

Furthermore, with the great variety of shopping alternatives today that don’t need a physical effort of coming to the store (online shops of all types, luxury re-sell platforms, online marketplaces of all types), the multi brand store has to become an exciting destination point, offering a unique experience and atmosphere, achieved by creative window dressing and interior visual merchandising.

Big corporations have also started as little shops, and understood the power of these two instruments quicker than the others.

In Scarlett BCN we respond to the challenges of the modern market and offer to our clients a service of professional window-dressing and visual merchandising and it’s planning, as well as Instagram and social-network content planning.

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With the brands which we believe in… because of the quality, originality, innovation; as well the commercial and professional potential, we offer them flexible formulas of collaboration that include options from renting the space util the commercial development of the brand and offering the possibility of access to the most valuable stores.

Flagship Store

La Costa del Algodón FLAGSHIP STORE is your destination point for an exclusive shopping experience of the brand, with a unique possibility to see and try on all the collection, during the whole year, anytime.

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